Thursday, 18 September 2008

BizTalk FTP Adapter File Delete issue with Unix servers

BizTalk FTP Adapter File Delete issue with Unix servers

Use /n Software FTP V2 for Unix Server(Open VMS) with special adapter settings.

Hope you are all femiliar with using FTP adapter in BizTalk server 2004 and 2006.
Did you ever tried to use FTP adapter with different versions of Unix Servers(Hp OpenVMS) ??

If Yes , You would have faced an issue with FTP file delete.

What this issue is all about ?
When ever BizTalk pick the file from FTP Server it deletes the File in actual location automatically which will not happen with Unix Servers( mostly older versions of Unix servers like OpenVMS).

The alternate solution is you can go for /n Software FTP V2 adapter to solve this issue, However this requires a specific settings which I explained bleow.

Mentioned Below settings in your Adapter Other

These two properties are most important to pick the file from the Server and Delete the file from the source location. However this statements should print in two seperated lines.Use Control Enter Character to define these statements.

Some times these statements may behave differenly Look at the below observations with different servers.



When you export your Binding file these two lines should come with Control Character otherwise it may not delete the file from source location.

For example , If your binding file contains the statement as mentioned below
<Other>UseSimpleDirList=TRUEIgnorableDirListErrors=TRUE</other> -- Wrong

-- Correct

How to check the correct one had been imported to your MSI ??
To check this settings open your /n Software FTP V2 adapter Properties and goto Other and place your Mouse Icon to show the Tool Tip. If your can find the tool tip in two separate lines then your statement is correct.

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