Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Biztalk Map handling Nillable check

BizTalk Map Handling Nill Check Using XSLT Call Template
During my development I found its really painful job to adding too many functoid to achive nill check. Imagine if you have 10 or 20 elements which would required Nill check ?

you can achieve this in two ways  
  1. Using standard Functoids
  2. XSLT call Template 

Both performs same action but your Mapping sheet would be easy and understandable if one uses a XSLT call template.

Option 1 : Using standard Functoids

in above map I have Name element which I need to perform nill check. This works perfectly but you would need more time to add 4 functoids for each element.

Option2 : XSLT Call Tempalte
I am using the below XSLT Call template for POID element which  performs same checks like standards functoids

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