Friday, 21 June 2013

BizTalk 2013 DynamicPort assign custom Handlers

Hope you might have experience with how ESB Toolkit 2.1 handles the Receive/Send Handlers.  Basically the 2.1 uses the default handler to process the message even though you sophisticatedly defined your own handlers. Microsoft addressed this issue and improved  in 2.2 release and now with 2.2 you have a rich GUI to assign your custom handlers.

This would help you to configure your applications to balance the load and segregate the process also it would  help you to avoid many other issues like memory leakage and Host throttling etc.
Here I have created a sample Testproject  Hosts ( Receive , Send) and assign them into FILE adapter.

I have created a sample Test Itinerary Project too where I used Static Resolver with FILE adapter to transform he orders to Orders Summary message.  

Itinerary Design

Below screenshot illustrate how many SEND handles been assign for FILE adapter and what was the default adapter out of 3 Send handlers.

Back in ESB Toolkit 2.1 if you had similar configuration  then it leverages with default handler to process the message .  The new ESB Toolkit 2.2 you can define your custom handler.

Hope this would help you for your development.

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