Monday, 12 March 2012

BizTalk ESB Tool Kit 2.1 Working with FTP - Static Resolver

BizTalk ESB - Static Resolver - FTP Adapter  Config

Working with FTP is always a trick. Here I am discussing more about ESB ToolKit 2.1 - FTP adapter.

Couple of things to remember while you configure the FTP adapter using Static Resolver.

1. Unable to enter Username and Password

By Default the Username and Password fields are disabled mode, Hence you cannot enter Username and Password by clicking the […] ( popup window). Instead what you can do is Type the following at Endpoint Configuration.


 2. Adding default FTP folder location

You cannot enter the ftp folder name followed by ServerName/IP.
I have been trying to drop a file to the Ftp location “\TestRoot\Inbox” and my Ftp configuration as below


This looks fine to me and ESB is able to communicate the server “ABCServer” but keep saying “folder "\TestRoot\Inbox" not found” and suspended the instance.
The fix is : /\ ( bit funny ??) , yes you need to enter the folder name as below


The FTP Configuration looks like below

BRE Configuration for FTP

UDDI Configuration for FTP

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