Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Performance and Optimizing BizTalk Server

The new Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide has been released to the web. This document provides guidance & best practices on optimizing BizTalk Server performance for demanding production environments.

The guidance consists of the following 4 sections:
Getting Started: an overview of the BizTalk Server functional components that can affect performance. It also describes the phases of a BizTalk Server performance assessment.
Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks: The Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks section describes various types of performance bottlenecks as they relate to BizTalk Server solutions and information about how to resolve the bottlenecks.
Automating Testing: Describes how to implement an automated build process and how to automate functional and load testing using Visual Studio Team System, BizUnit and Loadgen.
Optimizing Performance: The Optimizing Performance section provides guidance for optimizing performance of specific components in a BizTalk Server environment
The guide is available in several formats and from several locations:
Full TechNet URL:
As a
word document on Microsoft Download Center.

Distinguished field Promoted Property Field Difference

Every one aware that what is the difference between distinguished field and Promoted Property Field. I am not giving the same definitions here.
This could be additional information, which can help you to understand better for Distinguished and Property Promotion.

Distinguish property uses common namespace for all messages

Distinguished fields do not have a size limitation.
The IsPromoted property of Distinguished fields in the Message context is set to False.

Promoted field uses message namespace defined in the document schema and store the unique id at bts_DocumentSpec table in biztalk management database.

Property fields are limited to 255 characters.
The IsPromoted property of Property fields in the message context is set to True.