Tuesday, 5 August 2008

XSLT Script file using at BizTalk Map

How to Call XSLT Script file instead of BizTalk Map and some of general key words of XSLT programming.

Object : Creating Custom Functoid, which can add leading Zeros and right align for the input number.
Solution Name : XSLT_Test
Project Name : XSLT_Test
Map : mapXSLT.btm
XSD schemas : CommonOrder.xsd, OrderSummary.xsd
XSLT Script File : MapScript.xslt

Some of key thinks for your XSLT programming.

Below mentioned is the basic template for your XSLT mapping

I designed my Input Schema as below.

Write the below sample code instead of <>

I have OrdSummary node in 3 different places and TotalCount and Amount Fields are also same. when I use Count() function It returned to me as the result 3 because I am using // keyword.

Select your Map grid and right Click -> properties and enter your XSLT map name at Custom XSL path(See the image).

Some of useful functions

Count() : Count the node set. Ex : Count()
Sum() : Returns the sum of all nodes in the node-set Ex : Sum ()
concat(string, string, string*) : Concatenate the strings.Ex : concat(“a”, “abc”)
string-length() : Retuns the length of your input Field Ex : string-length()

If you need any more clarifications for XSLT programming , reach me @ raj.webjunky@yahoo.com.

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