Thursday, 27 November 2008

BizTalk Message Life Cycle

BizTalk Message Life Cycle
Receive Ports and Receive Locations
A receive port is a collection of one or more receive locations that define specific entry points into BizTalk Server. A receive location is the configuration of a single endpoint (URL) to receive messages. The location contains configuration information for both a receive adapter and a receive pipeline. The adapter is responsible for the transport and communications part of receiving a message
The receive pipeline is responsible for preparing the message for publishing into the MessageBox.
Send Ports
A send port is the combination of a send pipeline and a send adapter. A send port group is a collection of send ports and works much like an e-mail distribution list.The send pipeline is used to prepare a message coming from BizTalk Server for transmission to another service
Orchestrations can subscribe to (receive) and publish (send) messages through the MessageBox. In addition, orchestrations can construct new messages. Messages are received using the subscription.

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