Friday, 14 January 2011

ESB Remove ,Add Namespace Pipeline Components usage-Restful Service

ESB Remove ,Add Namespace Pipeline Components usage -Restful Service
This is an simple example for "How use Remove and Namespace of ESB Pipeline Components"
I received a message from Restful service which is a string format.
I tried to assign this message into predefined XSD structure on my ESB Offramp Receive.
However I endupt with different errors.
After a good amount of study in ESB pipeline ComponentsI found the best way to achive this is utilize existing Remove namespace and add namespace components.
My Restful response message

My Predefined output message Structure

Create Custom pipeline and add Components as mentioned below
Name : ReceivePipeline
Decode : ESB RemoveNamespace
: ESB Add Namespace
Decode :ESB Itinerary Cache
Disassemble : XML Disassembler
ResolveParty : ESB Dispatcher
ESB Add Namespace Component Configuration properties
ExtractionNodeXpath = /string
NameSpaceBase =http://TestOrder.Schemas.RestResponse
NamespacePrefix =ns9 ( do not enter from ns0 to ns6)

Refere further details of add Namespace

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  1. Hi:
    This is a great help article. How do I tie the "Remove Name Space Pipeline" to "My Pipeline"?
    Thanks, Toraj

  2. Hi:
    This is a great write up. After modifying the Pipeline in Biztalk Admin. Works great.

    Thanks, Toraj