Tuesday, 21 October 2014

BizTalk BTDF Copy all files ,folders and subfolders

I use to write a bunch of lines of code to create folders and subfolders to copy along with BTDF Package.  I was't sure how to copy all files and fodler in single line of code and could't find any clue when I googled.

If I have a Directory stucture  like
Folder1 -> SubFolder1 -> SubSubFolder1->*.*   and so on it was quite hard to keep adding
< copy > nodes under   Target Name="CustomRedist" node for each Folder and subfolders.

Recently I found a better way of copying all folder , subfolder and all files using "RecursiveDir" option using BTDF.  Hope this would help you to minimize the code.


Result :
It copied below list of folders and files  at package  Installed folder.


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