Tuesday, 15 September 2015

BizTalk SSO Manager A new Tool to manage your SSO settings

BizTalk SSO Manager Tool :

Aim : Aim to Create a new SSO application without  deploying your BizTalk solution and also manage your existing settings or add new configuration values for existing deployed interface.

Background : If you deploy a BizTalk interface in any environment with SSO enable ) 
True )
at you BDDF project , it would eventually deploy the solution and publish your environment settings to SSO. This is great option in BTDF. However it is quite hard to manage the settings in case of any changes like Add / Delete new entry , Delete Complete SSO settings without un-deploying the BizTalk interface or event Create a New SSO Application without deploying BizTalk interface.

This tool would be a best solution for you play. 

Screen1a : When you run the tool by default it loads the applications which are deploying using BTDF. 

Screen1b :  You can add new Row / update existing row.

Screen2 : You are in free hand to create a Brand new Application without deploying a BizTalk interface

Screen3 : You can even Delete complete SSO settings without un-deploying a BizTalk interface

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  1. Sounds awesome. How do I download to try it out?