Thursday, 21 August 2008

Multiple Files Select without Keyboard Windows Vista

How to Select Multiple Files without using Control key(board)- Windows Vista?

I am back to Home after hectic work at office and just trying to relaxing myself.I am totally tired and became very lazy to move out of my bed so, I connected to my wireless mouse to my new Laptop and stated hearing songs.

I am trying to select favourite songs from my Bulk list( could be a 300songs list) I was bit frustrated to select items from my list without using my keyboard( Control + Select Items), Then I started digging into Windows Vista features and I found this great future, Hope this could be a useful when you are lazzzzzyyy.

Start --> MyComputer--> Organize(Top Left) and select Folder and Search Options

Go to View tab and select Use check boxes to Select items and click Apply.

Now you can you hassle free to select your Music list without using keyboard.

It is a small example for “Simple thinks make big difference.......!”

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